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value financial's fixed rate hecm
New Fixed
 MAXX Reverse Mortgage

The "New Fixed MAXX" is a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage that gives you more than the "average" HECM.  We have added to the normal benefits. The fixed rate plan has guaranteed benefits and is a closed end loan, creating certainty for you and your heirs while relieving you of substantial financial pressure.  It is great when used to retire an existing mortgage, eliminating the monthly payments.

This plan allows you to use as much of your qualified benefits as needed to retire an existing mortgage or purchase a new home. There is no credit line option.

There is a limit to the amount of money that can be drawn in the first twelve months. Call for details.

    value financial's hecm libor maxx

New Libor MAXX Reverse Mortgage

 LIBOR Reverse Mortgages are based on the "London Inter Bank Offering Rate", a worldwide offering rate traded around the globe.  It may provide more stability, a higher credit line, and more cash in your hand!

This program lets you take up to 60% of your eligible benefits up front, and the remainder via a credit line after 12 months.

Fixed or Adjustable?
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